Rethink where a kitchen can go, think MobiChef. 

A unique mobile cook
ing station

Catering is not just about eating food, it’s an experience. The kitchen of today is often open, putting on a show for guests who are becoming more interested in viewing the preparation of what they are going to savor. Halton MobiChef is a plug and play, high efficient and totally independent mobile cooking station. It incorporates all Halton’s experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation and emission control for professional kitchens.

Applications best suited for Halton's MobiChef: 


Pool Side 

Strip Malls 

Food Trucks 

Banquet Halls 

Food Court Kiosk 

High Rise Roof Top  

Convention Centers 

Multi-Purpose Spaces 

Golf Course 9th Hole 

Lower Level of High Rise 

Hotel Restaurant Featured Curb Side Dining

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We have gathered all the information in this booklet to tell you more about the benefits of working with our mobile cooking station.

MobiChef brings the show to where you want it to go. It provides flexibility and allows for the chef to be even closer to the guests as compared to fixed station cooking concepts.  Restaurant industry sales data proves that higher restaurant sales occur when the experience includes fresh ingredients and live cooking.

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Halton's mobile cooking station brings the show to where you want it to go.

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Why would a business owner or chef choose a MobiChef over other traditional ventless systems? - Interview with Christian Hirschmann 
General Manager of Halton Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Malaysia - Designer of MobiChef


What is the biggest benefit of having a mobile cooking suite?
Interview with Rich Catan
Director of Marketing and Segment Development, Halton


Were there any limitations in using MobiChef you found in developing the menu? Interview with Chef Marta Lopez Cebrian
Owner, Restaurant & Food Business Consulting, Halton’s Corporate Chef


MobiChef Specification
This section is to define the requirements for design and appliance combinations for MobiChef.



Appliance Specification
This section you will find all information you will need on each appliance including the Induction Range, Induction Griddle, Fryer, Char-Broiler and the optional Refrigeration Base.

Appliance Combinations
WIth 39 combinations available, we are confident that you will find exactly what your are looking for regarding your perfect appliance combination in this section.


Recipes using MobiChef around the world
See recipes that have been prepared by Chefs around the world.


Here's a sneak peak of the interviews you will find;

Christian Hirschmann
Designer of MobiChef

Whether live cooking is desired in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, stadiums, cafeterias,staff canteens, cinema areas, food courts or kiosks MobiChef is the solution for it due to its compact, mobile design, versatility and high efficiency.

Marta Lopez Cebrian 
Owner, Restaurant & Food Business Consulting 

The efficiency that it allows, the convenience of it, enabling me to see everything that I cook, without having to move from my position.

Rich Catan
Director, Marketing & Segment Development, Halton

We have a very streamlined selection process to determine the best fit for MobiChef. The operator can choose between 39 different combinations of appliances. 

About Halton
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